Connie vs. the carpenters at Dickerson’s Resort!

We all have jobs to do at the resort this winter. The carpenters, Travis & Brian need to get the cabin built, Bob plays gopher and Connie needs to decorate. I told Travis & Brian  they needed to hurry because I was almost finished with the wall hanging for above the fireplace. When they came […]

A long winter at the resort

It’s been a long winter at Lake Florida. We haven’t had overly much snow, but we have had way too much wind and really cold temperatures. Schools, churches and activities have been cancelled more than ever (or so it seems) Because we were going to be building a new cabin, we put up our snow […]

Old cabin #9 is going on a road trip

Today is the day old cabin #9 (built in the 1960’s by Bob’s dad)  is starting it’s journey to it’s new home and second life. We have been looking at it sitting in the driveway at the resort since October 21st, 2013. The only thing bad about having it there was that it blocked our […]

Snow drifts around the cabins at the resort

The wind has created some beautiful drifts around the cabins again this winter. Come take a little trip around the resort with us. Pour Al is up to his armpits in snow! There is no “lake view” from cabin #8 anymore! The wind is blowing as I write this. I’m sure the drifts will be […]

Fun away from the resort

Simon & Sasha have had just about enough of this cold Minnesota weather. They really like to go outside, but today have decided that snuggling and the sun are much better – it’s 20 degrees below! Tonight we are in Marshall, Minnesota having dinner with my niece and her family. It’s been way too long […]

Sheetrock, heating & air in cabin #9 1-28-14

On Tuesday morning Travis, Brian & Justin came to hang more sheet rock in cabin #9. Pat also came from Magnuson Sheet Metal to begin installing the furnace & air conditioning. (yeah, like who needs  air conditioning in this weather!) The 3 carpenters quickly worked themselves out of work and had to leave and let […]

Sunset through the cabin window 1-25-14

Tonight we are looking at the sunset through the bedroom window in cabin #9. It has a beautiful view of the sunset during the winter months when no one is here! It will have a nice view during our resort season also looking right over cabin #8. Notice that the drifts are now almost as […]

Sunset at Lake Florida January 18

We never get tired of watching the sunset. On our way to Saturday night church in Willmar we got these shots of the sunset. This picture is from the north side public access of Lake Florida.   Notice all of the tracks from cars and pick-ups driving out  onto the lake to go fishing. Have you […]

Soup, wine & art at Glacial Ridge Winery

In the winter it’s fun to leave the resort and get out in the Spicer community to do something fun. This weekend is the beginning of Winterfest in Spicer. We went to the Glacial Ridge Winery for soup, wine , music and an Art Exhibit. Laurel & Jaime own the “Bead Jam” in New London, […]

Cabin #9 gets windows!

The cabin windows came yesterday. Travis & Brian put a couple of them in late in the day, but it was too dark to get pictures. Keith, Travis & Ryan were all here today to put all of the rest of them in. It will be so much quieter and maybe a little warmer. Our […]