Sheetrock, heating & air in cabin #9 1-28-14

On Tuesday morning Travis, Brian & Justin came to hang more sheet rock in cabin #9. Pat also came from Magnuson Sheet Metal to begin installing the furnace & air conditioning. (yeah, like who needs  air conditioning in this weather!) The 3 carpenters quickly worked themselves out of work and had to leave and let Pat do his thing.


Magnuson Sheet Metal truck

We have been so fortunate to work with really nice guys building this cabin. Pat is another great guy we get to work with. He has been at the resort before when he worked on our gas fireplace. He and Bob went over the plans and Pat quickly got to work.


Pat & Bob planning

 Pat cutting the holes for all of the hot and cold registers.

air ducts

Pat cutting in vents

 Pat was on his own for the rest of the day as we had something fun to do!