Cabin #5 is going to be well insulated

1-5-17 Cabin Insulation Today Rod Ziehl of Rod’s Maintenance & More came to insulate the cabin ceiling. First he stapled netting across all of the ceiling. Then blew the insulation into the cavities. His brother-in-law came to help feed the insulation into the blower. The roof insulation is finished. The cabin will be warm in […]

A trip around the resort and a beautiful sunset

12-29-16 The snowy resort The resort is looking a lot like winter these days! We’ve had snow and an east wind which creates some interesting designs and views. Our Winter Wonderland sign was blasted by snow.The drifts are about 2 feet high on the east side of the cabins. The snow is draping the windows […]

A fun day away from the resort

12-8-2016 A day away from the resort Life cannot be all work and no fun for a resort owner, especially during the off season. I love to bake, but of course the 2 of us certainly don’t need to eat all of it. One day I got the idea that I could bake at church […]

There’s a lot of fishing going on at the resort today!

12-01-2017 Today our plumber Jerry and his brother Ron came to rough in the plumbing at cabin #5. As this was an existing cabin, they will need to cut a few holes in the sub-floor and fish the water and gas lines under the cabin. Keith, Travis and Justin are also here working on the […]

6 tools – it’s time to destroy!

We gathered some tools (always at least 6 for an official project) and started the actual cabin demolition on November 1st. We started by taking off all of the window trim and floor moldings so we could remove the carpeting. Bob took out the bathroom vanity and found that we had actually wallpapered this bathroom […]

Lake Florida sunset & loons on April 5, 2016

One of the things we love most about spring is having all of the wildlife return, especially the loons! There were many clouds, but in the end we were treated to a pretty sky. You just never know until it’s over how pretty the sunset will be! 🙂

Easter Sunday

It’s been an amazing, full Easter Sunday. We started our day at 4:15 making donuts for the choir and brass players at our Easter services at Calvary Lutheran Church in Willmar. After 3 services we had Easter Dinner with our friends Brad & Bonnie and their family. We had so much fun laughing and catching […]

Dickerson Donuts for a good cause

During the resort off season we like to be involved with things going on in the community. March is Minnesota Food Share month. The Willmar Area Food Shelf in conjunction with the local radio stations had an “I CAN” challenge. I can make donuts for anyone who contributes to the Willmar Area Food Shelf. The […]

A record has been set – the dock is in!

Today was a very exciting day. Previous to this, the record for putting the gas dock in was April 6th. Today, March 21st, Bob and I put the gas dock in. It’s not complete, but enough that we and the cats can walk on water!What fun to be able to walk on the dock to […]

At Dickerson’s Resort it’s all about the sunsets!

Another great day at the resort. The shingling of the cabins continues in our great winter weather. The ice is getting really dark which means it’s getting water logged. If we are lucky it will just sink. We are so fortunate to live on the east side of the lake and be able to see […]