The resort cat, the squirrel & the sunset

March 6th was a beautiful day at the resort and the cats enjoyed being outside. Climbing trees and chasing after us occupied their time most of the day. Simon found a red squirrel and cornered it up in a tree convinced that he could get it. Of course the red squirrel was much smaller and […]

The cabins get new shingles

March is here and on Tuesday morning the supplies arrived to re-shingle the cabins. We had a storm in 2012 and not all of the cabins got new roofs. Justin is back now to finish them. Gigs came himself from Perkins Lumber in Willmar to deliver the shingles. Between trees and power lines it was […]

Warm weather vacations just ahead

We don’t have a lot of snow at the resort and the temperatures this winter have been quite variable. We’ve had many bitterly cold days below zero, but today was just the opposite. It’s February 19th and the temperature rose to 41 degrees causing melting everywhere! The sunset is beautiful reflecting on the water on […]

Driving to New London & watching the sunset-2/16/2016

On Tuesday night Bob decided he was hungry for Prime Rib so we were off to the American Legion in New London. We left the resort too early to get the sunset at Lake Florida, but took these shots as we were driving.This first picture was taken at 5:03. We live in a beautiful area […]

Sunsets in the Willmar Lakes Area

Monday night we went to Pizza Ranch in Willmar for dinner. Pizza Ranch has a great fund raising program where they let different groups work at the restaurant and they donate part of their profits from the night and the group gets their tips. Our church youth group at Calvary Lutheran Church was working on […]

Our first sunset in 2015 at Dickerson’s Resort

With the resort all buttoned up for the winter and the fact that the sun moves so far south, we forget to take pictures of the sunset. In addition, the extremely cold weather isn’t fun to go out in with a camera. Yesterday, January 7th, Bob went out to check on the cabins and took […]

Lake Florida sunset 4-5-14

The sunset tonight was extra beautiful! Here are 3 pictures for you to enjoy! The clouds hung down as though they wanted to be just like the tree branches! We’d love to share the sunsets with you at Lake Florida. Take time now to make your reservation at Dickerson’s Resort.  

Welcome Spring to Lake Florida!

Today was a beautiful, sunny day at Lake Florida and we decided it was time to break out a spring flag at the resort. Whenever there is a project, Simon is right there to help and take part. Let’s hope the snow realizes we are tied of it and melts!

Lake Florida sunset March 7

There were just enough clouds on March 7th to give us a spectacular sunset at Lake Florida. Sunsets like this with yellows, oranges and pink all melded together remind me of rainbow sherbet. If you use your imagination, you can see the ripples in the water 🙂 Bring your family to stay with us and […]

More snow drifts at the resort

We had a dusting of snow again at the resort and then the wind blew, and blew and blew!! The drifts around the cabins are even higher than before and have some interesting designs. This cabin was blasted by snow and appears to be “dripping snow ice!”  The curl kind of looks like the top […]