A fun day at Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center

2-12-17 A Day at Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center Sunday was the annual Sleigh & Ski Festival at Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center which is right next door to the resort. The day starts out with a bowl of  awesome chili made by Vicky Vogt and great entertainment. While we were eating we listened to the […]

Welcome Spring to Lake Florida!

Today was a beautiful, sunny day at Lake Florida and we decided it was time to break out a spring flag at the resort. Whenever there is a project, Simon is right there to help and take part. Let’s hope the snow realizes we are tied of it and melts!

Lake Florida sunset 11-7-13

Here are a couple of pictures of the sunset at Lake Florida on November 7, 2013. It was very dark due to the clouds. When the clouds moved we had a blue sky with the sunset! Notice that Lake Florida ice still liquid!  

Cleaning under cabin #9 deck

On October 8th Bob told me that Garvin or Eric Marcus of Marcus Building Movers would be here on Thursday to talk about lifting cabin #9! Sure enough, Eric showed up on Thursday at 4:35 and said they could be here on Monday or Tuesday! We have a lot of work to do! I immediately […]

5-7 A beautiful day at Dickerson’s!

We woke up this morning  in great anticipation that the ice would be gone from Lake Florida. It was not, but we think “today is the day!” There are many flowers still to be planted and with the sun shining it is a beautiful day to do it! This is a picture from the hill […]

5-6-13 The Ice hangs on

We hoped when we woke up this morning that the ice would be gone from Lake Florida, but no, it is hanging on yet another day! It is very interesting with the fog. The reflections of the clouds in the open water are almost as beautiful as the sunsets-don’t you think? We were lucky again […]

5-5-13 The Ice stays on!

In 2012 the ice left Lake Florida on the 18th of March. 2013 is a whole different story. It is now May 5th and Lake Florida still has ice! This morning we had so much fog with the ice you couldn’t see across the lake. 🙁 The beach is still there and it is great […]

The last April sunset

Tonight was the last sunset in April at Dickerson’s Resort. We had to wait until the very end, but it was worth it. The crack in the Lake Florida ice shows hope for an ice off soon-we think! 🙂  

A new project at Dickerson’s

Today is an exciting day. Magnuson Sheet Metal showed up to do a project for us. They are a Heating & Air Conditioning Company! Lauren & Ben came to start the installation of a furnace and air conditioning in cabin #13. This will be a welcome addition to our resort! Of course, this would have […]

Coffee on the deck of cabin #7

Oh what a beautiful morning at the resort! The sun was shining and the temperature was above 32 degrees. Aside from all of the snow, it was a beautiful day to have our coffee break on the deck of cabin #7! Wonder where we will have coffee tomorrow? We have 12 other cabins to choose […]