5-7 A beautiful day at Dickerson’s!

We woke up this morning  in great anticipation that the ice would be gone from Lake Florida. It was not, but we think “today is the day!” There are many flowers still to be planted and with the sun shining it is a beautiful day to do it!


Planting flowers at the TV room building

Ice out

Lake Florida Ice out May 7

This is a picture from the hill north of the resort at 12 noon. The ice is almost gone!

Tree N Turf

3 happy (to be done) workers from TreeNTurf

3 workers from Tree-N-Turf came to help us rake the front lawn to get it ready for fertilizer. Don’t they look happy?!

friends & candy

Beth from the CVB came to visit

Beth from the Convention & Visitors Bureau came to introduce her new employee Tanya, and to bring us  a 100 Grand Bar & Hersheys chocolates as a thank you for all we do for tourism in Kandiyohi county. Wasn’t that sweet?

sump hole

Connie being supervised by Sasha & Simon!

The drain pipe for the tile around our house got smashed by the ice. Here I am down in the sump hole (with my helpers of course!) checking to see how far back it is plugged

cutting pipe

Bob cutting off the drain pipe

We found the problem and Bob got out his trusty saw and cut it off! Terribly awkward angle to work!

Bob's project

The squished pipe-why the water wouldn't drain

Here’s where the problem was. Guess that’s why the water didn’t drain!

At the end of a very long day, we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset!


Lake Florida sunset at 8:05

Lake Florida sunset

Lake Florida sunset at 8:10

Isn’t it amazing how it goes fro the picture above to this?


Lake Florida sunset at 8:25


Lake Florida sunset at 8:29