February Lake Florida sunset

We get a little lazy taking pictures of the sunset in the winter. Having to get bundled up and trudge through the snow to get to the lake can be great discouragers! Today was an exception. The temperatures were a little warmer and the wind was calm. We know we are a long way from […]

A fun day at Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center

2-12-17 A Day at Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center Sunday was the annual Sleigh & Ski Festival at Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center which is right next door to the resort. The day starts out with a bowl of  awesome chili made by Vicky Vogt and great entertainment. While we were eating we listened to the […]

Lake Florida sunset

2-3-17 The sunset Sunsets are amazing! As we go through our day we will often comment, “no sunset tonight” and then magically, one appears!The reflections on the lake are amazing to watch also. The sunshine reflecting off of the snow or portions of cleared ice that glisten give  a different perspective of the lake and […]

Our first sunset in 2015 at Dickerson’s Resort

With the resort all buttoned up for the winter and the fact that the sun moves so far south, we forget to take pictures of the sunset. In addition, the extremely cold weather isn’t fun to go out in with a camera. Yesterday, January 7th, Bob went out to check on the cabins and took […]

Welcome Spring to Lake Florida!

Today was a beautiful, sunny day at Lake Florida and we decided it was time to break out a spring flag at the resort. Whenever there is a project, Simon is right there to help and take part. Let’s hope the snow realizes we are tied of it and melts!

A long winter at the resort

It’s been a long winter at Lake Florida. We haven’t had overly much snow, but we have had way too much wind and really cold temperatures. Schools, churches and activities have been cancelled more than ever (or so it seems) Because we were going to be building a new cabin, we put up our snow […]

Old cabin #9 is going on a road trip

Today is the day old cabin #9 (built in the 1960’s by Bob’s dad)  is starting it’s journey to it’s new home and second life. We have been looking at it sitting in the driveway at the resort since October 21st, 2013. The only thing bad about having it there was that it blocked our […]

Taping cabin #9

Thursday morning Bob Kerzman started taping cabin #9. Bob has done all of our taping in each of our new cabins. It is always fun to get reacquainted with him. This is a slow process that will take many days. Taping, putting the mud on and sanding over and over. When Bob finishes taping he […]

Sunset at Lake Florida January 18

We never get tired of watching the sunset. On our way to Saturday night church in Willmar we got these shots of the sunset. This picture is from the north side public access of Lake Florida.   Notice all of the tracks from cars and pick-ups driving out  onto the lake to go fishing. Have you […]

Lake Florida Sunset

Watching the sunset across a frozen Lake Florida. Dreaming of warm summer days and families playing on our beach! Are you thinking about your summer vacation plans?