Old cabin #9 is going on a road trip

Today is the day old cabin #9 (built in the 1960’s by Bob’s dad)  is starting it’s journey to it’s new home and second life. We have been looking at it sitting in the driveway at the resort since October 21st, 2013. The only thing bad about having it there was that it blocked our view of the new cabin #9 and the coming and going of all of our helpers. 🙂


Hooking up to cabin #9

The guys from Marcus Building Movers hooked up to the cabin and backed it up.

They then pulled forward and went out the north driveway.


The cabin has turned on to 2nd street NE

Cabin #9 is ready to go up the hill.


A little push!!

Sometimes the hill can be a challenge in the winter – even for a car. The backhoe (with huge chains on) came behind and gave it a little encouragement.


Turning the corner at County highway #29

The cabin now heads west to the junction of #29 & #5.

Once there it needs to be turned.

The guys need to take it down the highway the narrow way.

The cabin is 23.5 x 25.5 and 2 feet will definitely make a difference.


The new view

The new view of the resort without old cabin #9. Looks good doesn’t it!

The 1st stop for cabin #9


Setting cabin #9 on 6×6 “cribs”

The cabin is being turned at our township hall.

There is a nice big, flat parking lot to use.

Thank you to the town board for letting the movers do this.


setting the cabin

The beams under the cabin need to be switched.

The cabin was set on 6×6 “Lincoln Log cribs”


Eic and the chainsaw

Of course that means Eric had to get the chainsaw out and

cut new notches for the beams to fit in.


Moving beams under the cabin

Moving beams under the cabin takes teamwork…


More cutting

…and more “precise” chain saw trimming!


More precsion work

Jerry uses an 8 pound hammer to adjust the chains that

hold everything together with C-clamps


Checking alignment & removing cribs

This was extra work,and thankfully we had a “warmer” day to do it.

The cabin is ready to continue it’s trip to Backus, MN  tomorrow.

We’re all hoping for good weather so it can go!