A long winter at the resort

It’s been a long winter at Lake Florida. We haven’t had overly much snow, but we have had way too much wind and really cold temperatures. Schools, churches and activities have been cancelled more than ever (or so it seems) Because we were going to be building a new cabin, we put up our snow fence this year. We’re still assessing how it worked. I think we needed a double layer between cabins #7 & 11!


Bob blowing snow with the John Deere tractor

snow difts

Drifts around cabins


Collins Construction Trucks

Thankfully, we have been able to keep the space open for the carpenters to come and work on cabin #9!

snow drifts

Looking at drifts from the driveway hill

 If we had these drifts in the summer we wouldn’t need curtains on the windows! 🙂


Snow drift between cabins #7 & 8

You can’t see it on the picture above, but we could have a half pipe competition with these drifts.There is a well in the middle and the sides are about 5 feet high. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

snow drift

Snow drift at cabin #11

The ice seems to be crawling up the wall of cabin #11.

snow drifts

Looking at the drifts from cabin #7 to the south

We can only hope it will be over soon and we will be getting ready for all of our summer guests at the resort! Do you have your reservation?