A trip around the resort and a beautiful sunset

12-29-16 The snowy resort The resort is looking a lot like winter these days! We’ve had snow and an east wind which creates some interesting designs and views. Our Winter Wonderland sign was blasted by snow.The drifts are about 2 feet high on the east side of the cabins. The snow is draping the windows […]

An early snow at Lake Florida

11/18-19/2016 Things are about to change at Lake Florida. The weathermen are forecasting as much as 10 inches of snow so Keith & Travis went back to their other building project at Lake Andrew (a “cabin” 10 times larger than ours!) The snow started slowly, but it was wet & heavy. Look at Bob getting […]

More snow drifts at the resort

We had a dusting of snow again at the resort and then the wind blew, and blew and blew!! The drifts around the cabins are even higher than before and have some interesting designs. This cabin was blasted by snow and appears to be “dripping snow ice!”  The curl kind of looks like the top […]

A long winter at the resort

It’s been a long winter at Lake Florida. We haven’t had overly much snow, but we have had way too much wind and really cold temperatures. Schools, churches and activities have been cancelled more than ever (or so it seems) Because we were going to be building a new cabin, we put up our snow […]

Snow drifts around the cabins at the resort

The wind has created some beautiful drifts around the cabins again this winter. Come take a little trip around the resort with us. Pour Al is up to his armpits in snow! There is no “lake view” from cabin #8 anymore! The wind is blowing as I write this. I’m sure the drifts will be […]

Another Minnesota blizzard 1-26-14

Weather is always a topic of conversation in Minnesota and today was no different. We typically drive Bob’s pickup to church, but today we drove my car because it lives in the garage and has heated seats! We had our annual meeting so by the time we were finished and ready to leave it was […]

5-6-13 The Ice hangs on

We hoped when we woke up this morning that the ice would be gone from Lake Florida, but no, it is hanging on yet another day! It is very interesting with the fog. The reflections of the clouds in the open water are almost as beautiful as the sunsets-don’t you think? We were lucky again […]

5-5-13 The Ice stays on!

In 2012 the ice left Lake Florida on the 18th of March. 2013 is a whole different story. It is now May 5th and Lake Florida still has ice! This morning we had so much fog with the ice you couldn’t see across the lake. 🙁 The beach is still there and it is great […]

Only in Minnesota!

Today is one of those days when we say “only in Minnesota!” It’s May 3rd and we still have ice on Lake Florida which is highly unusual. All around the resort there are still remnants of snow drifts. We are raking the lawn around the snow drifts! Simon and Sasha love having us outside with […]

Snow again-that’s Minnesota!

Two days ago, April 17th, we had boat races on Lake Florida and today the boats are on “ice dock” The sand beach which was so visble is now covered with snow. The weatherman predicted cold and snow and he was right. We are very thankful-we only received about 6 inches rather than the 12 […]