February Lake Florida sunset

We get a little lazy taking pictures of the sunset in the winter. Having to get bundled up and trudge through the snow to get to the lake can be great discouragers! Today was an exception. The temperatures were a little warmer and the wind was calm. We know we are a long way from […]

At Dickerson’s Resort it’s all about the sunsets!

Another great day at the resort. The shingling of the cabins continues in our great winter weather. The ice is getting really dark which means it’s getting water logged. If we are lucky it will just sink. We are so fortunate to live on the east side of the lake and be able to see […]

February is going out like a lamb

We’ve had some really nice days at the lake. Highs in the 30’s and 40’s have caused water puddling on the ice which gives us hope that spring will come soon. The weather people are saying 50 degrees tomorrow. Time to start planning your vacation!

Lake Florida sunset at cabin #9

We shot the sunset picture a little late last night, so here’s another one from cabin #9 on Wednesday. The new kitchen faces the Lake Florida which will make it much more fun for the person in charge of washing dishes. 🙂

A very busy day at the resort!

Today was a very busy day at the resort.  The guys were here to finish the lawn work. Guy from Tree-N-Turf sent his guys to mulch and suck up the large piles of leaves that Nate and his crew from Eagle Lawn and Labor had blown together yesterday. All of our trees that provide such […]

Full moon setting across Lake Florida

We not only have beautiful sunsets at Lake Florida, but sometimes the moon puts on a pretty good show too. However, the moon setting is not always as easy to get a picture of. It doesn’t set in the same place or at the same time (minus a couple of minutes) the way the sun […]

5-16 Lake Florida Sunset

The thing we like best about the ice being off of Lake Florida is seeing the reflections in the water. Tonight we had another great sunset! This is a sure sign of spring-the leaves are coming out on the trees! 🙂 Come watch the sunsets with us!

5-5-13 The Ice stays on!

In 2012 the ice left Lake Florida on the 18th of March. 2013 is a whole different story. It is now May 5th and Lake Florida still has ice! This morning we had so much fog with the ice you couldn’t see across the lake. 🙁 The beach is still there and it is great […]

Visitors at Dickerson’s Resort

It’s not only children and adults who enjoy coming to the resort. Many animals including birds, pheasants and deer come to visit on a regular basis. This has been a particularily long, windy and snowy winter making it difficult for the animals to find food so we have been feeding them. Now it would seem […]

Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort 1-26-13 The moon & the sunset

  What a great day we had today looking at the sky over the resort. When I went out to get the newspaper the moon was high in the western sky across Lake Florida. By the time I gathered the camera and tripod it was in just about the perfect postition before it would go […]