A very busy day at the resort!

Today was a very busy day at the resort.  The guys were here to finish the lawn work. Guy from Tree-N-Turf sent his guys to mulch and suck up the large piles of leaves that Nate and his crew from Eagle Lawn and Labor had blown together yesterday. All of our trees that provide such great shade for the cabins in the warm summer months create alot of work in the fall!

resort clean up

Some of the guys from Tree N Turf

The temperture was way colder than I like to work in, but as they say, “it’s going to get worse!” 🙂 and not any easier with snow on top!

fall fertilizer

Spreading fall fertilizer

In the afternoon after all of the yard guys were gone we went to work at the new cabin #9. The backfilling at the area where the water and electric come into the cabin had not been properly finished. We dug it out deeper and took measurements and pictures so that we would remember for later.

cabin #9

Marking the water & electric lines for the cabin

cabin #9

Electrical measurements at cabin #9

We put the dirt in place and covered it with an insulation mat to keep it from freezing until the electricians get here.

By late afternoon the wind had come up. We went to check the lake gage. Look, it has ice on it.

lake level

The water level in Lake Florida

Lake Florida has gone downabout 2 inches this fall.

Maybe we’ll take the docks out tomorrow?