Fishing, cleaning and eating, oh my!

Fishing at Lake Florida Fishing is one of the many activities that our guests enjoy at Dickerson’s Resort. Lake Florida has a number of species – Sunfish, Bluegills, Crappie, Northern, Large mouth Bass and Walleye.  Aaron caught this beautiful Crappie while fishing Lake Florida with his grandpa Rich. A beautiful Large mouth Bass and a […]

May 11-the Fishing Opener

It’s May 11, 2013, the day of the Governor’s Fishing Opener which is being held in the Park Rapids area this year. They are scrambling up north because many of the lakes haven’t lost their ice yet!I I was on my way into Willmar and just had to go back and take this picture. This […]

5-5-13 The Ice stays on!

In 2012 the ice left Lake Florida on the 18th of March. 2013 is a whole different story. It is now May 5th and Lake Florida still has ice! This morning we had so much fog with the ice you couldn’t see across the lake. 🙁 The beach is still there and it is great […]

A fun winter activity

It’s not all work and no play at the resort. In the winter, I am part of the quilting group at our church which meets every Thursday afternoon. We make quilts to give to all of the graduating seniors, guilts for hospice, fire victims, the womens shelter and many go to the poor and starving […]

Winter Life at the resort

Resort Life in winter Life can be rather boring at the resort in the winter. Here are a few things that have taken our time and caught our attention this week. The Fishing Lure Bob was in the motor room rearranging some things and Simon our cat jumped up on his back. I don’t know […]

The Lake Florida sunset 4-25-12

The Lake Florida sunset on April 25,2012   Sometimes the sun goes down way too fast!  

Sunrise-Sunset at Dickerson’s Resort 4-4-12

I looked out the dining room window this morning and could see that it was going to be a beautiful sunrise. We can get a fairly good view of the sunrise from cabin #12, but I jumped in my car to look for something even better! This is what I saw when I came over […]

Fishermen in Sunset 2-2-12

What a difference a day makes when it comes to a sunset. We got these pictures right before the fog started setting in – Fog in February? Isn’t it strange! A high of 47 degrees today – did I say it’s February in Minnesota?! One minute later the color had changed to this:

Sunday Sunset at Dickerson’s Resort

What a beautiful day we had again today! The wind was a little raw this morning, but even that got better as the temperature climbed. In the afternoon Bob’s cousin’s son and his 2 little boys came out to ice fish. I think the little boys had a better time going to visit great great […]

January, 7 – A Great Day at Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort

What a beautiful day it was again! Early in the morning-like 5:00, there were fishermen already heading out onto Lake Florida! It’s kind of an eerie sound to here the ice augers when it’s so black out! We went for a walk in the morning to check out the lake and neighbors. In the afternoon […]