Fishing, cleaning and eating, oh my!

Fishing at Lake Florida Fishing is one of the many activities that our guests enjoy at Dickerson’s Resort. Lake Florida has a number of species – Sunfish, Bluegills, Crappie, Northern, Large mouth Bass and Walleye.  Aaron caught this beautiful Crappie while fishing Lake Florida with his grandpa Rich. A beautiful Large mouth Bass and a […]

Out and about in Spicer

On Friday night we were invited to a book signing in Spicer. Debbie Caylor, a local real estate agent has written a book called, “The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling Homes in the Willmar Area.” It was a fun night with piano music, good food and conversation. FYI – Debbie opened a new real […]

1-21 the electricians are here!

On Tuesday afternoon Dan & Andrew from B&J Lake Region Electric Spicer, MN came to start wiring the cabin. Dan and Andrew wired the cabin on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning. We’re thrilled to have them working for us-they’re both great guys with Lake Florida connections. The carpenters ask for good wood and the electricians […]

Soup, wine & art at Glacial Ridge Winery

In the winter it’s fun to leave the resort and get out in the Spicer community to do something fun. This weekend is the beginning of Winterfest in Spicer. We went to the Glacial Ridge Winery for soup, wine , music and an Art Exhibit. Laurel & Jaime own the “Bead Jam” in New London, […]

The cabin building continues

It’s a new year and the cabin building continues. The skylight has been put in and now the guys can finish shingling. So glad it’s not me up there! for years and years Jerry Philippi from Spicer has been our plumber. When we called him about cabin #9 he said he wouldn’t be able to […]

Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort – the Sunset 2-5-2013

The Lake Forida Sunset It’s been cloudy for many days so have not had a sunset to show you. Today was the day! The sunset always seems to slip away so fast!   It won’t be long and the sunset won’t be behind the point behind the trees! Spring is coming!

Dickerson’s Resort-the sunset- 1-21-13

Another cold day at Lake Florida and in Spicer, Minnesota. Once again the sunset was beautiful!

Stormy sky at sunset 1-19-2013

Thursday and Friday were nice days with above normal temperatures. On Saturday, the weathermen said that the wind was going to come up and the temperatures would drop. We would have low temperatures that we haven’t experienced for years. We needed some things at the store, so we left the resort and headed into Willmar […]

Winterfest in Spicer, Minnesota

2013 Winterfest in Spicer, Minnesota Since ice is the middle of Spicer’s name, it’s only logical that there would be a winterfest which centers around ICE. One of the main attractions almost every year is a castle made of ice and a slide. You can see the Ice Castle on the Spicer website  – take […]

What do we do in the winter at Dickerson’s Resort?

Many of our resort guests ask us, “What do you do in the winter?” Well, we are very busy! Every morning that we eat breakfast at home, Bob and Sasha have batting practice. We save the little white plugs that we pull out of the half gallon orange juice containers. Bob lines them up on […]