Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort – A Long, snowy winter

2013 has been a snowy, windy winter. At the resort, we get some pretty spectacular drifts around the cabins. 1 inch of snow can easily turn into a four foot drift if the wind is from the west or northwest. Here are some pictures of what it looks like at the resort in the winter. […]

Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort The Sunset 3-7-13

Another cold winter day at the resort. The drifts still surround the cabins and it looks like spring won’t come until May! Once again the sunset was the best part of our day! Wasn’t it beautiful?  

The first sunset in March – 3-1-2013

Here it is – the first sunset in March at Dickerson’s Resort. Many of our pictures have been from the same spot. The snow around the cabins is so deep it makes it hard to get around! Just 1 picture today. The sun was so bright and the sky was cloudless, so it disappeared quickly! […]

Snow vs. water

It’s another day of creativity at the resort. I got the idea to pack a 5 gallon pail full of snow and have our fans on Facebook guess how much water would be in the bucket when the snow melted. We got many people to guess-anywhere from 1/2 inch up to 7 inches. I brought […]

Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort The sunset 2-24-2013

Today while I was out waiting to take sunset pictures I walked down the beach to the north. When I got to the jungle gym in front of cabin #7, look what I found! There is beach showing under the jungle gym while 15 feet away there is a 6 foot high snow drift!On with […]

Valentines Dinner in cabin #12

The Wine We invited all of our neighbors on the east side of Lake Florida and a couple of other friends to a Valentines Dinner. We told the guests we would make a big pot of chile and drink lots of wine. It was time to check the wine supply. As you can see below, […]

Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort – the Sunset 2-5-2013

The Lake Forida Sunset It’s been cloudy for many days so have not had a sunset to show you. Today was the day! The sunset always seems to slip away so fast!   It won’t be long and the sunset won’t be behind the point behind the trees! Spring is coming!

Dickerson’s Resort-the sunset- 1-21-13

Another cold day at Lake Florida and in Spicer, Minnesota. Once again the sunset was beautiful!

2 Lakes, 1 Sunset 3-28-12

On his way home from Willmar, Bob stopped and took the first sunset picture at Ringo Lake. The rest of the picture are from Lake Florida. We think it was a spectacular show. Once again, pictures are worth 1,000 words. We love living at the lake!  

2-9-12 The Lake Florida sunset

The plan for today is to go to the top of our neighbor’s (Al & Lilas’s) hill and get shots of the sunset. Some of you have been there many years ago. I have lived here for 30 years and have never been to the top of the hill! Just to be safe, we started […]