The first robin of spring!

Last night the New London-Spicer girls basketball team won in the semi finals and will play today for the championship. Our TV has been going bad for some time. I had told Bob that if they made it to the championship, we were going to have a new TV so we could see the basketball […]

Spicer, MN-Ice is our middle name

It may be really cold outside, but the people of the New London -Spicer area are getting ready to celebrate winter. The ice structure is being built and everything else is right on schedule. The Wee Cut Ice Company and many volunteers have also built an ice structure in New London commemorating the 150th Anniversary […]

The last April sunset

Tonight was the last sunset in April at Dickerson’s Resort. We had to wait until the very end, but it was worth it. The crack in the Lake Florida ice shows hope for an ice off soon-we think! 🙂  

The Lake Florida sunset 4-25-12

The Lake Florida sunset on April 25,2012   Sometimes the sun goes down way too fast!  

2-9-12 The Lake Florida sunset

The plan for today is to go to the top of our neighbor’s (Al & Lilas’s) hill and get shots of the sunset. Some of you have been there many years ago. I have lived here for 30 years and have never been to the top of the hill! Just to be safe, we started […]

Lake Florida Sunset 2-7-12

One of our great resort guests (& friend) Betsey, informed me that yesterdays sunset had a January date on it! So sorry-guess I’m not ready for summer yet. With the weather we’ve been having it seems as though it should still be November. Yesterday was another nice day with the temperature getting to 28 degrees […]

Fun from the long Minnesota winter

  “Once upon a time” in the long winter of 2010/2011 we must have lost our minds- or at least the capacity to think rationally. The story goes like this:   We were channel surfing and came across a Peter Yarrow Special on TPT (Twin Cities Public Television) We don’t watch TPT too often, but […]