Lake Florida Sunset 2-7-12

One of our great resort guests (& friend) Betsey, informed me that yesterdays sunset had a January date on it! So sorry-guess I’m not ready for summer yet. With the weather we’ve been having it seems as though it should still be November.

Yesterday was another nice day with the temperature getting to 28 degrees with sunshine! :)The sun was a big, bright,  yellow ball in the sky again at sunset. So interesting how it turns to orange and disappears so quickly!

Sunset at Lake Florida

Tuesday sunset at 5:33

As the sun moves south we’re going to have to move to a different location to take the pictures. As you can see there are taller trees on the point which will move up our sunset time. Maybe a trip to The Westwood Cafe in Spicer or McKales Family Restaurant in New London would give us the chance for some new locations to photograph from. We also know we will have good food!