Another day of work at Cabin #5

11-23-2016 The guys are back for another day of building on cabin #5. Projects to be completed today are: Wrapping the cabin in Tyvek &  framing in the lakeside windows and patio door and miscellaneous other odd jobs.Justin wraps the cabin in Tyvek while Keith & Nathan work on the lakeside framing. We thought Keith was here just to […]

If Connie makes Dickerson’s Donuts, will you come?

11-21-16 The snow made for a short week last week, but now it’s Monday morning and time to get back to building the cabin. One of the projects for today is setting the rafters. The first one went up at 8:30. The job would have been easier if the weren’t electrical line in the way, […]

The first robin of spring!

Last night the New London-Spicer girls basketball team won in the semi finals and will play today for the championship. Our TV has been going bad for some time. I had told Bob that if they made it to the championship, we were going to have a new TV so we could see the basketball […]

Snow drifts around the cabins at the resort

The wind has created some beautiful drifts around the cabins again this winter. Come take a little trip around the resort with us. Pour Al is up to his armpits in snow! There is no “lake view” from cabin #8 anymore! The wind is blowing as I write this. I’m sure the drifts will be […]

Sunset through the cabin window 1-25-14

Tonight we are looking at the sunset through the bedroom window in cabin #9. It has a beautiful view of the sunset during the winter months when no one is here! It will have a nice view during our resort season also looking right over cabin #8. Notice that the drifts are now almost as […]

Insulating the ceiling of cabin #9 1-24-14

On Friday morning Rob from Rob’s Maintenance & More came to insulate the cabin roof with spray foam insulation. The foam is applied at  125 degrees and during the curing heats up to 180 degrees  and cools down and hardens in minutes. Truly amazing! The R value of the cabin roof is 44.  Bob and […]

Sunset at Lake Florida January 18

We never get tired of watching the sunset. On our way to Saturday night church in Willmar we got these shots of the sunset. This picture is from the north side public access of Lake Florida.   Notice all of the tracks from cars and pick-ups driving out  onto the lake to go fishing. Have you […]

More cabin walls

Thursday Nov, 28th the guys added more walls to the cabin. They temorarily put up part of the second story wall so we could visualize it overnight. (in the dark!) 🙂 The room on the left is the livingroom and on the right is a bedroom. One of these days the old cabin #9 will […]

The wood for cabin #9 arrives

On November 25th the wood arrived for cabin #9. Now the carpenters can start building the cabin walls. We are thankful for all the different kinds of machines there are. This would be alot of wood to unload by hand! Just imagine all this wood as a brand new cabin #9! The last time we […]

Something new on the beach for the children at the resort

We’re always looking for new things for  the resort. This week Bob found a new jungle gym for the children. Bob loves to look at the want ads/for sale section of the newspaper. He found a family selling their jungle gym which was almost new-disassembly required.  The family is moving and can’t take it with […]