First snow at Lake Florida

On Wednesday, Nov. 6 we woke up to our first snowfall of the season at Lake Florida. Lake Florida is still liquid, but the docks which are still in the water were covered in 1/2 inch of beautiful white as were the cabin roofs. This is probably a sign that it is time to get […]

Lake Florida sunset Oct. 26,2013

I don’t remember anything about the rest of the day at the resort, but just look at the beautiful sky and sunset we had on October 26th!  

10-24-13 -the Lake Florida sunset

It was a beautiful fall day at the resort. We were treated to another beautiful Lake Florida sunset.

10-13-13 Lake Florida sunset

At the end of a full day working around the resort it’s nice to end the day with a beautiful sunset! Here it is from beginning to end! The very end! We’d love to share our Lake Florida sunsets with you in person. Make your plans now for a 2014 vacation at Dickerson’s Resort!   […]

Getting the resort ready for winter

Draining the cabins Getting the resort & cabins ready for winter is a long process and most of it revolves around water. The cabin water heaters and water lines need to be sucked out and the docks need to be removed from the lake. When a cabin will no longer be used we need to […]

May 11-the Fishing Opener

It’s May 11, 2013, the day of the Governor’s Fishing Opener which is being held in the Park Rapids area this year. They are scrambling up north because many of the lakes haven’t lost their ice yet!I I was on my way into Willmar and just had to go back and take this picture. This […]

5-6-13 The Ice hangs on

We hoped when we woke up this morning that the ice would be gone from Lake Florida, but no, it is hanging on yet another day! It is very interesting with the fog. The reflections of the clouds in the open water are almost as beautiful as the sunsets-don’t you think? We were lucky again […]

Only in Minnesota!

Today is one of those days when we say “only in Minnesota!” It’s May 3rd and we still have ice on Lake Florida which is highly unusual. All around the resort there are still remnants of snow drifts. We are raking the lawn around the snow drifts! Simon and Sasha love having us outside with […]

Signs of summer

There are many ways  it starts to look and feel like the vacation season is around the corner. The days are getting longer, the temperatures are warmer and play equipment starts arriving at the resort! Today we brought the hydro bikes home from storage. Summer can’t be far away now! The hydro bikes will be […]

A new project at Dickerson’s

Today is an exciting day. Magnuson Sheet Metal showed up to do a project for us. They are a Heating & Air Conditioning Company! Lauren & Ben came to start the installation of a furnace and air conditioning in cabin #13. This will be a welcome addition to our resort! Of course, this would have […]