Getting the resort ready for winter

Draining the cabins

Getting the resort & cabins ready for winter is a long process and most of it revolves around water. The cabin water heaters and water lines need to be sucked out and the docks need to be removed from the lake. When a cabin will no longer be used we need to get it ready for winter. Connie washes ALL of the dishes, pots & pans, etc., cleans the stoves and refrigerators and washes all of the bedding and puts it in plastic bags for the winter. The water heater is then shut off and we are ready to drain the water from the cabin.

There are a couple of outside plumbing connections that always give Bob trouble. One of them is between cabins #6 & 7. There has always been a black, ridgid pipe that needs to be disconnected here. There is NO extra room and the fittings are very tight. Many times when we are all finished and turn the water on, there is a leak and the process starts all over. This year, Connie bought Bob a new “flexible pipe” and look how happy he looks! 🙂

water connection

New water connection at cabin #7

This picture was taken in May.

This picture was taken on October 13th and he looks happy once again. The project is so much easier! Just goes to show you’re never too old to change! 🙂

water pipes

Bob disconnecting the water line at cabin #7

Once this flexible hose is diconnected we can suck the water out of the line that runs to cabins #7 – 11 and the line that runs north for cabins #5 & 6. It’s a long process and the lines are all sucked out 2 or 3 times. Then in a few months we hook it all back up and start another exciting vacation season!