The Lake Florida sunset March 5

The sunset was beautiful again tonight at Lake Florida. When the sky is blue and the day is beautiful you can almost  feel the warmth of summer! Make your vacation plans in a cabin now to watch the sunsets at Lake Florida.

Warm weather vacations just ahead

We don’t have a lot of snow at the resort and the temperatures this winter have been quite variable. We’ve had many bitterly cold days below zero, but today was just the opposite. It’s February 19th and the temperature rose to 41 degrees causing melting everywhere! The sunset is beautiful reflecting on the water on […]

Your cabin at Dickerson’s Resort

It’s January, the beach and resort are closed and the cold weather and wind are here with a vengeance! Thankfully, we have many great pictures and warm memories to help us through these cold days. Warm, sunny days are just around a few corners! In a few short months we will have beautiful sunsets with […]

Fun away from the resort

Simon & Sasha have had just about enough of this cold Minnesota weather. They really like to go outside, but today have decided that snuggling and the sun are much better – it’s 20 degrees below! Tonight we are in Marshall, Minnesota having dinner with my niece and her family. It’s been way too long […]

10-13-13 Lake Florida sunset

At the end of a full day working around the resort it’s nice to end the day with a beautiful sunset! Here it is from beginning to end! The very end! We’d love to share our Lake Florida sunsets with you in person. Make your plans now for a 2014 vacation at Dickerson’s Resort!   […]

Getting the resort ready for winter

Draining the cabins Getting the resort & cabins ready for winter is a long process and most of it revolves around water. The cabin water heaters and water lines need to be sucked out and the docks need to be removed from the lake. When a cabin will no longer be used we need to […]

The end of another vacation season at Dickerson’s Resort

We had a wonderful summer at the resort. We had many, many wonderful guests, made new friends and watched at least 100 beautiful sunsets! The beach & water were the place for much of the activity.  Everyone had fun using the kayaks, hydrobikes, canoe, paddleboat and swimming as well as riding bicycles and tricycles. Julia […]

Signs of summer

There are many ways  it starts to look and feel like the vacation season is around the corner. The days are getting longer, the temperatures are warmer and play equipment starts arriving at the resort! Today we brought the hydro bikes home from storage. Summer can’t be far away now! The hydro bikes will be […]

Bob at the Northwest Sport Show

Saturday afternoon Bob left the resort for Minneapolis to work the Northwest Sportshow for Kandiyohi County. Having lived in Kandiyohi County almost his whole life, Bob is a good promoter of the area. He really enjoys meeting people and telling about all we have to offer in the Little Crow Lakes Area. Many people are […]

Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort – A Long, snowy winter

2013 has been a snowy, windy winter. At the resort, we get some pretty spectacular drifts around the cabins. 1 inch of snow can easily turn into a four foot drift if the wind is from the west or northwest. Here are some pictures of what it looks like at the resort in the winter. […]