Warm weather vacations just ahead

We don’t have a lot of snow at the resort and the temperatures this winter have been quite variable. We’ve had many bitterly cold days below zero, but today was just the opposite. It’s February 19th and the temperature rose to 41 degrees causing melting everywhere! The sunset is beautiful reflecting on the water on […]

Fun away from the resort

Simon & Sasha have had just about enough of this cold Minnesota weather. They really like to go outside, but today have decided that snuggling and the sun are much better – it’s 20 degrees below! Tonight we are in Marshall, Minnesota having dinner with my niece and her family. It’s been way too long […]

Soup, wine & art at Glacial Ridge Winery

In the winter it’s fun to leave the resort and get out in the Spicer community to do something fun. This weekend is the beginning of Winterfest in Spicer. We went to the Glacial Ridge Winery for soup, wine , music and an Art Exhibit. Laurel & Jaime own the “Bead Jam” in New London, […]

Nov. 2-cabin #9 gets new owners!

We are having a great time getting ready to build the new cabin #9, but of course the old cabin needs to find a new home. When we raised the cabin Marcus Building Movers suggested we put an ad on Craig’s List. we got quite a few inquiries which was exciting. On November 2nd, a […]

We’re a “little nutty” at Lake Florida!

We are very fortunate to have many trees at the resort to provide shade for the cabins. With each tree there is always a nut or seed that falls needing clean up! Many, many years ago, Bob’s grandfather brought a Black Walnut Tree in a coffee can from Lucan, Minnesota  where he was from and […]

The Lake Florida sunset 4-23-12

  The sunset at Lake Florida on the 23rd was like 4 different sunsets in 1 and seemed to go on forever! We think that was absolutely beautiful and hope you do too!    

Lake Florida Sunset 2-19-12

Sunday was a gorgeous day with the temperature hitting 42 degrees. It’s hard to believe it is February in Minnesota! The weatherman does say snow is on the way-get ready! In the afternoon I went to the cabins to get measurements and ideas for curtains and blinds for the new windows. Simon & Sasha love […]

The Ice & the Sunset

Friday Bob went out in the afternoon to take pictures of the ice heaves and the resort from the north. The ice heaves are incredible all around the lake! If you have a lake near you, take the time and drive around to see. The docks and lifts look so lonely on the beach. It […]

Sunset at Lake Florida 1-4-12

Today we had another beautiful sunset at the resort. Such a beautiful way to end the day!

Projects & fun at the resort

  Today was the day to wash the skylight in cabin #6. These is easily done by using  a ladder to get on the roof of cabin #5 and then stretching to step up to the roof of cabin #6. It’s much more fun and exciting than it looks! 🙂   This is the view […]