The Ice & the Sunset

Friday Bob went out in the afternoon to take pictures of the ice heaves and the resort from the north. The ice heaves are incredible all around the lake! If you have a lake near you, take the time and drive around to see.

Ice heaves at Lake Florida

Ice heaves at Lake Florida north of Dickerson's Resort

The docks and lifts look so lonely on the beach. It won’t be long before the water is blue again and everything is in it’s place in the lake!

Dickerson's Lake Florida Resort

Dickerson's Lake Florida Resort from the north in winter

The end of the day brought another beautiful sunset at Lake Florida.


Sunset at 5:33 with "Lake Florida palm trees"

I started at the public access noth of the resort. The neighbors have beautiful  Pompass Grass which if you really use your imagination looks like Minnesota palm trees swaying in the wind 🙂

Sunset at 5:45

Sunset at 5:45