Cabin #5 is finished at Dickerson’s Resort

The NEW Cabin #5 Building something new is a lot of work and always takes more time than we allow.We’re skipping many of the work pictures of the building of cabin #5, but wanted to show the finished product which we’re pretty thrilled with! It is a great addition to the resort and we hope […]

Dickerson Donuts for a good cause

During the resort off season we like to be involved with things going on in the community. March is Minnesota Food Share month. The Willmar Area Food Shelf in conjunction with the local radio stations had an “I CAN” challenge. I can make donuts for anyone who contributes to the Willmar Area Food Shelf. The […]

At Dickerson’s Resort it’s all about the sunsets!

Another great day at the resort. The shingling of the cabins continues in our great winter weather. The ice is getting really dark which means it’s getting water logged. If we are lucky it will just sink. We are so fortunate to live on the east side of the lake and be able to see […]

Our first sunset in 2015 at Dickerson’s Resort

With the resort all buttoned up for the winter and the fact that the sun moves so far south, we forget to take pictures of the sunset. In addition, the extremely cold weather isn’t fun to go out in with a camera. Yesterday, January 7th, Bob went out to check on the cabins and took […]

Your cabin at Dickerson’s Resort

It’s January, the beach and resort are closed and the cold weather and wind are here with a vengeance! Thankfully, we have many great pictures and warm memories to help us through these cold days. Warm, sunny days are just around a few corners! In a few short months we will have beautiful sunsets with […]

Picking the countertop for cabin #9

The kitchen cabinets for cabin #9 are being built and it’s time to pick the countertops. We are thinking we would like granite and have 3 samples to choose from. We also have 4 choices of high definition laminate to choose from. We asked our friend and neighbor Colleen to come over and give us […]

Lake Florida sunset 4-5-14

The sunset tonight was extra beautiful! Here are 3 pictures for you to enjoy! The clouds hung down as though they wanted to be just like the tree branches! We’d love to share the sunsets with you at Lake Florida. Take time now to make your reservation at Dickerson’s Resort.  

Our first guests in cabin #9

Today we had our first guests visit cabin #9. As you can see, it was a beautiful day! The Peiks have been staying at Dickerson’s Resort for about 7 years. Their “official” cabin is #7, but they have also stayed in cabin #12 and the old cabin #9. The 4 of them had an overnight […]

Sunset at Dickerson’s Resort 3-25-14

Only 1 picture of the sunset at Dickerson’s Resort to show you tonight. We got the shot just as the sun was about to disappear behind the trees on the west side of Lake Florida.

Sunset at Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort – 3-24-14

The sunset at Lake Florida was beautiful again tonight! It started out a creamy yellow and soft orange. It changed to yellow orange and pink – and the sky at the finish was pink and blue. We hope you got a chance to see it in person! Check out more beautiful sunsets!