Our first guests in cabin #9

Today we had our first guests visit cabin #9. As you can see, it was a beautiful day! The Peiks have been staying at Dickerson’s Resort for about 7 years. Their “official” cabin is #7, but they have also stayed in cabin #12 and the old cabin #9. The 4 of them had an overnight in Spicer and came out to the resort to see it in the winter and buy a sweatshirt for a nephew in New York whose  family stayed at the resort with them last summer.

cabin #9

The Peiks came to visit

Alex and Anders climb the extension ladder to get to the second floor.

cabin #9 ladder

The boys thought the ladder was great

The ladder was so much fun we probably don’t need a stairway! 🙂


Boys on the second story

A tradition at Lake Florida is to have your picture taken. We don’t get very many pictures of families at the resort in winter!


Sitting for their Lake Florida picture

cabin snow drift

Alex & Anders sitting by #11 snow drift

 Alex and Anders sitting on the bench at cabin #11 with a snow bank for a back drop.

Lake Florida ice

Alex & Anders walking on Lake Florida

Walking on water is quite amazing to people who don’t live at the lake. Alex and Anders cousin in New York will be amazed to see them walking on the water that he kayaked in last summer!


Sasha checking bubbles

Running water is facinating to a cat. Sasha has found a small sink hole and the water is bubbling.


Lake Florida sunset

 What a beautiful sunset to end a great winter day!