Our first guests in cabin #9

Today we had our first guests visit cabin #9. As you can see, it was a beautiful day! The Peiks have been staying at Dickerson’s Resort for about 7 years. Their “official” cabin is #7, but they have also stayed in cabin #12 and the old cabin #9. The 4 of them had an overnight […]

A Majestic Resort Visitor

Today Bob looked out our kitchen window and there was an Eagle sitting on the Adirondack swing in front of cabin #7! We’ve never had one that close to us at the resort! Very cool!  

Sunset August 22, 2011

  I t’s 8:24 and the guests are once again being treated to a beautiful sunset. The Adirondack swings on the beach make a perfect place to watch. Yeah God!  

Lake Forida sunset 8-14-11

  It’s been another beautiful day at Lake Florida. The families have been busy swimming, fishing, relaxing, etc and now the sun is setting at 8:19.             It’s 8:36-the campfire is ready and the sun is almost gone. Time for s’mores and conversation!

August 9th Sunset at Dickerson’s Resort

  Another beautiful sunset at Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort! Hope it was just as beautiful where you are!

Emily swims across Lake Florida!

      Emily has been coming to Lake Florida all her life with her mom, dad & brother Eric. They stay in cabin #5. On Monday she commented that she would like to swim across Lake Florida.On Tuesday, July 12th, she did it! Emily is on the swim team at Apollo High School so […]

Lake Florida by Tessa

Tessa surprised us on Thursday night at the campfire. She had composed another song in that little notebook she bought on Saturday night! This time the song was all about being at Lake Florida on vacation. After her performance she gave thanks to Mary for inspiration, her mom and dad for bringing her to Lake […]

Eric learns to water ski

Eric has been coming to Dickerson’s Resort for 8 years. Eric is an easy going, nice young man always ready to try something new. On the way to the resort this year, Eric’s father asked him if he was ready to learn how to water ski. Eric said yes, and his father bought a pair […]

Lake Florida Entertainment

Meet Tessa. Tessa is 9 years old and stays at Dickerson’s Resort with her mom, dad and brother Eric. Tessa is a shopper! After checking in on  Saturday and having fun, she came to the store to shop. One of the things she bought was a small notebook. On Monday night after the pizza party […]

Fun work at Dickerson’s Resort!

Roger and Judy helped us cut some dead branches in the trees. Roger is VERY tall which makes it easier for him to reach high places. Thanks Roger. I don’t see those dead branches anymore when I sit on the Adirondack swing by the store! Bob and I washed the trapezoid windows in cabin #6. […]