Lake Florida by Tessa

Tessa singing her Lake Florida song

Tessa singing her Lake Florida song

Tessa surprised us on Thursday night at the campfire. She had composed another song in that little notebook she bought on Saturday night! This time the song was all about being at Lake Florida on vacation. After her performance she gave thanks to Mary for inspiration, her mom and dad for bringing her to Lake Florida and to Sierra for holding her lyrics! Tessa this song is just AWESOME! Thank you so much! 🙂



(whisper)  Lake Florida,Florida,Florida.

Found myself in Lake Florida, Florida

Oh yeah. I just was there didn’t mean to walked around. I liked some things there…I liked the beach and the cabins were so cozy. And the playgrounds were so cool. I love the green trees, they make me so happy. Plus I need to tell a whole lot more. Bob and Connie are so nice and awesome. And I liked some other stuff like the people there were so nice and awesome. And I loved how my parents brought me here every year.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

Lake Florida-everyone clap your hands and jump up and dance.

Yeah, Lake Florida – Lake Florida

The Judge family at Lake Florida

Don, Alyca, Eric & tessa Judge at Lake Florida

My brother was up on the water skis.

Everyone was fishing, what should I do?

I could choose to go to Lake Florida, Florida

Found myself in Lake Florida.


Click the link below to see Tessa’s song written in her notebook.

Tessa’s song