Lake Florida sunset

   2-16-2017 Another beautiful Lake Florida sunset! As the song says, it was “cold as ice” outside, but the beautiful sunset warmed us up as we watched it turn from blue and yellow to blue, orange and yellow and then pink, orange and yellow. A sunset this beautiful gives us hope for a great day […]

The carpenters are coming!

11-10-2016 Bob and I have been having fun taking cabin #5 apart, but there is other fall work to be finished too. The bottom kitchen cupboards are one of the things remaining. Last night Keith Collins from Collins Construction called and said they would be here Thursday at 7:00 a.m.We are excited and thankful! Today […]

February is going out like a lamb

We’ve had some really nice days at the lake. Highs in the 30’s and 40’s have caused water puddling on the ice which gives us hope that spring will come soon. The weather people are saying 50 degrees tomorrow. Time to start planning your vacation!

Our first sunset in 2015 at Dickerson’s Resort

With the resort all buttoned up for the winter and the fact that the sun moves so far south, we forget to take pictures of the sunset. In addition, the extremely cold weather isn’t fun to go out in with a camera. Yesterday, January 7th, Bob went out to check on the cabins and took […]

Picking the countertop for cabin #9

The kitchen cabinets for cabin #9 are being built and it’s time to pick the countertops. We are thinking we would like granite and have 3 samples to choose from. We also have 4 choices of high definition laminate to choose from. We asked our friend and neighbor Colleen to come over and give us […]

A little paint for cabin #9

Today was the day to do a little painting in cabin #9. I painted around all of the doors and windows to make it easier after the doors are put in and the casings on-I hope!

Sunset at Lake Florida January 18

We never get tired of watching the sunset. On our way to Saturday night church in Willmar we got these shots of the sunset. This picture is from the north side public access of Lake Florida.   Notice all of the tracks from cars and pick-ups driving out  onto the lake to go fishing. Have you […]

This is the new cabin #9!

The NEW Cabin #9 Cabin #9 is up, shingled and all of the windows are in except 1 in the second story. The cabin has 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, living room & kitchen. Here is a picture of each side of the cabin. On the south side of the cabin are the kitchen and […]

Working in our own cabin

We traded the microwave on Sunday and today (Monday) is the day to put it up in our own “cabin.” Bob was in charge of the instructions-I am the extra hands to hold and hand him tools. We have 2 of the greatest helpers at our house. Simon likes to get right in there and […]

Cabin #9 gets windows!

The cabin windows came yesterday. Travis & Brian put a couple of them in late in the day, but it was too dark to get pictures. Keith, Travis & Ryan were all here today to put all of the rest of them in. It will be so much quieter and maybe a little warmer. Our […]