The carpenters are coming!


Bob and I have been having fun taking cabin #5 apart, but there is other fall work to be finished too. The bottom kitchen cupboards are one of the things remaining. kitchenLast night Keith Collins from Collins Construction called and said they would be here Thursday at 7:00 a.m.We are excited and thankful!

Today is an exciting day! They backed up the dump truck and started at the top ripping off the old shingles. Collins Construction

sky light

In a very short amount of time we had sky lights everywhere!016This is one heavy hammer Keith is using to pound up.

The guys from BJ Electric showed up about 12:15 to set the power pole.power poleBillie & Dan move the power to a temporary pole right in the middle of the sidewalk

BJ Electric Every project requires a bit of monkey business to get the job done! Pretty sure this isn’t OSHA approved 🙂

pole set

It’s almost time to be finished for the day and the kitchen cupboards are still there. kitchen cupboardsGuess I’ll just have to get rid of them myself! No easy feat since my father-in-law used 16 penny nails to secure them in place.Simon catSimon dropped by to do a little inspection.

The walls of the cabin are stripped and the living room window removed giving us our first new view of the sunset.sunset