Working in our own cabin

We traded the microwave on Sunday and today (Monday) is the day to put it up in our own “cabin.” Bob was in charge of the instructions-I am the extra hands to hold and hand him tools.


Bob reading the instructions


Bob placing the template

We have 2 of the greatest helpers at our house.

Simon likes to get right in there and be a part of things!

Cat Simon

Simon helping

Sasha likes to sit and watch, kind of like a supervisor. 🙂


Sasha watches


It fits!


Tightening the bolts

The project is finished. I put a cup of water in to heat it and it sounded like a plane taking off. My advice if you need a new microwave – take an extension cord with you to the store, plug the microwave in and run the fan. Non of them are plugged in so you can listen to them. This one is going back. We’ll find a quieter model!