This is the new cabin #9!

The NEW Cabin #9

Cabin #9 is up, shingled and all of the windows are in except 1 in the second story.

The cabin has 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, living room & kitchen.

Here is a picture of each side of the cabin.


South side

On the south side of the cabin are the kitchen and the living room.


South & east sides

 The south and east side is living room, 1 bedroom on the main floor

and 1 bedroom upstairs.


South & east sides

 This picture shows the living room and 2 kitchen/dining room windows.

  There is 1 bedroom on the main floor and 1 bedroom upstairs


North side

The bathrooms are between the 2 bedrooms on each floor of the cabin.

Every time Bob comes back to the house from working in the cabin he says, “we are just going to love that cabin!”

We hope you do too!

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