The destruction of cabin #5

For quite awhile we have been planning a re-build of cabin #5. Our carpenter Keith called in mid October and said he would be here in 2 weeks so it looks like this will be the year! We are excited. There is much to do before he gets here. We started taking everything out of […]

February is going out like a lamb

We’ve had some really nice days at the lake. Highs in the 30’s and 40’s have caused water puddling on the ice which gives us hope that spring will come soon. The weather people are saying 50 degrees tomorrow. Time to start planning your vacation!

Picking the countertop for cabin #9

The kitchen cabinets for cabin #9 are being built and it’s time to pick the countertops. We are thinking we would like granite and have 3 samples to choose from. We also have 4 choices of high definition laminate to choose from. We asked our friend and neighbor Colleen to come over and give us […]

Our first guests in cabin #9

Today we had our first guests visit cabin #9. As you can see, it was a beautiful day! The Peiks have been staying at Dickerson’s Resort for about 7 years. Their “official” cabin is #7, but they have also stayed in cabin #12 and the old cabin #9. The 4 of them had an overnight […]

Snow drifts around the cabins at the resort

The wind has created some beautiful drifts around the cabins again this winter. Come take a little trip around the resort with us. Pour Al is up to his armpits in snow! There is no “lake view” from cabin #8 anymore! The wind is blowing as I write this. I’m sure the drifts will be […]

Cabin #9 sheetrock and taping

Today is the day the guys need to finish hanging the sheetrock in cabin #9. Tomorrow, Bob Kerzman will be coming to start taping. The kitchen is the last room to do. Justin is here to help today too. Travis goes upstairs to do something while Brian & Justin finish the kitchen.      

5-7 A beautiful day at Dickerson’s!

We woke up this morning  in great anticipation that the ice would be gone from Lake Florida. It was not, but we think “today is the day!” There are many flowers still to be planted and with the sun shining it is a beautiful day to do it! This is a picture from the hill […]