A fun day at Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center

2-12-17 A Day at Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center Sunday was the annual Sleigh & Ski Festival at Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center which is right next door to the resort. The day starts out with a bowl of  awesome chili made by Vicky Vogt and great entertainment. While we were eating we listened to the […]

Friday night sunset at Dickerson’s Resort

11-25-2017 The sunset was beautiful again tonight. Lake Florida has not frozen yet, so it seems like another beautiful, fall night. We’re looking forward to another great day tomorrow!  

Spicer, MN-Ice is our middle name

It may be really cold outside, but the people of the New London -Spicer area are getting ready to celebrate winter. The ice structure is being built and everything else is right on schedule. The Wee Cut Ice Company and many volunteers have also built an ice structure in New London commemorating the 150th Anniversary […]

Picking the countertop for cabin #9

The kitchen cabinets for cabin #9 are being built and it’s time to pick the countertops. We are thinking we would like granite and have 3 samples to choose from. We also have 4 choices of high definition laminate to choose from. We asked our friend and neighbor Colleen to come over and give us […]

Chile Fest Fundraiser

March 21st we had a fun time away from the resort. We went to the First ever Chile Fest Fundraiser for the Willmar Area Food Shelf. 8 or 9 different groups made a pot of chile. We each got 4 tickets to taste the chile and put a ticket in the ones we liked the […]

More snow drifts at the resort

We had a dusting of snow again at the resort and then the wind blew, and blew and blew!! The drifts around the cabins are even higher than before and have some interesting designs. This cabin was blasted by snow and appears to be “dripping snow ice!”  The curl kind of looks like the top […]

Connie vs. the carpenters at Dickerson’s Resort!

We all have jobs to do at the resort this winter. The carpenters, Travis & Brian need to get the cabin built, Bob plays gopher and Connie needs to decorate. I told Travis & Brian  they needed to hurry because I was almost finished with the wall hanging for above the fireplace. When they came […]

Another beautiful Lake Florida sunset

Just one picture of the sunset tonight, but isn’t it pretty? Click on the photo to see other beautiful sunset pictures from the resort!

Out and about in Spicer

On Friday night we were invited to a book signing in Spicer. Debbie Caylor, a local real estate agent has written a book called, “The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling Homes in the Willmar Area.” It was a fun night with piano music, good food and conversation. FYI – Debbie opened a new real […]

Fun away from the resort

Simon & Sasha have had just about enough of this cold Minnesota weather. They really like to go outside, but today have decided that snuggling and the sun are much better – it’s 20 degrees below! Tonight we are in Marshall, Minnesota having dinner with my niece and her family. It’s been way too long […]