Fun away from the resort

Simon & Sasha have had just about enough of this cold Minnesota weather. They really like to go outside, but today have decided that snuggling and the sun are much better – it’s 20 degrees below!


Is it cold?

Tonight we are in Marshall, Minnesota having dinner with my niece and her family. It’s been way too long since we’ve seen them and it was fun to see how the children have grown! Isabella is 3 1/2 and full of spunk. Noah is 1 year old and a very content child.


Sean, Noah, Isabella & Amber

After dinner

Home Free

Home Free CD cover

After dinner we went to SMSU in Marshall, MN for a concert by Home Free. Home Free won the Sing Off competition on NBC in 2013. The college was lucky enough to have booked them before they became famous. We were lucky too – our tickets were a really good deal!

Home Free are an amazing bunch of guys! They have way more talent than we saw on The Sing Off. If you get the chance, go see them in person! Their new CD (above) will be out the 3rd week in February. You can click on the CD Cover now and listen.