Fun away from the resort

Simon & Sasha have had just about enough of this cold Minnesota weather. They really like to go outside, but today have decided that snuggling and the sun are much better – it’s 20 degrees below! Tonight we are in Marshall, Minnesota having dinner with my niece and her family. It’s been way too long […]

What do we do in the winter at Dickerson’s Resort?

Many of our resort guests ask us, “What do you do in the winter?” Well, we are very busy! Every morning that we eat breakfast at home, Bob and Sasha have batting practice. We save the little white plugs that we pull out of the half gallon orange juice containers. Bob lines them up on […]

Family fun and great food

On Friday, January 4th we had a Family fun Night and Potluck at our church, Calvary Lutheran in Willmar. As you can see, non of us went home hungry! The food, fun & games were for people of all ages. We mostly had families with young children and boy did they have fun. It’s amazing […]

A Great Day away

April 11th was a very fun day.We started the day by meeting friends & resort guests, Wayne & Bonnie at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. What a fun musical and the company couldn’t have been better! If you haven’t been to the Chanhassen for this show, get your tickets! On the way to the Chanhassen I […]

A day away from the resort

Yesterday morning I asked Bob what we should have for lunch. He said, “I thought we were going to St. Cloud to pick up our order and go to the boat show?” So, off we went! Our first stop was Fleet Farm to make a couple of returns. While there we ran into Cheryl, a […]

Lake Florida sunset Jan. 3,2012

Tuesday night we had another beautiful sunset at Lake Florida. It is quite a challenge to take some of these pictures with all of the boats and lifts stacked on the beach shoreline. Sometimes we feel like Billy in the Family Circus cartoon as we climb onto a stack of docks, hold onto the canopy […]