Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort The Sunset 1-24-13

Today was really cloudy at the resort and we didn’t think there was any chance of getting a sunset picture. At the last minute we looked out and there was a break in the clouds at the horizon on the west side of Lake Florida. It was small, but beautiful. We have a little village […]

Winter Life at the resort

Resort Life in winter Life can be rather boring at the resort in the winter. Here are a few things that have taken our time and caught our attention this week. The Fishing Lure Bob was in the motor room rearranging some things and Simon our cat jumped up on his back. I don’t know […]

A day away from the resort

Yesterday morning I asked Bob what we should have for lunch. He said, “I thought we were going to St. Cloud to pick up our order and go to the boat show?” So, off we went! Our first stop was Fleet Farm to make a couple of returns. While there we ran into Cheryl, a […]

Lake Florida sunset Jan. 3,2012

Tuesday night we had another beautiful sunset at Lake Florida. It is quite a challenge to take some of these pictures with all of the boats and lifts stacked on the beach shoreline. Sometimes we feel like Billy in the Family Circus cartoon as we climb onto a stack of docks, hold onto the canopy […]