Winter Life at the resort

Resort Life in winter

Life can be rather boring at the resort in the winter. Here are a few things that have taken our time and caught our attention this week.

The Fishing Lure

Bob was in the motor room rearranging some things and Simon our cat jumped up on his back. I don’t know the rest of the story, but Bob came in with this fishing lure hooked in his coat 3 times! Now, the easy thing to do would have been to snip the barbs off and be done with it. No, we got 2 needles and a needle nose pliers and 20 minutes later we had all 3 barbs out and a nice fishing lure to use. I think Bob should give it to a child at the resort who needs his or her pole rigged up this summer. 🙂

fishing lure

Fishing lure in Bob's jacket

A Winter Visitor at the Resort

I was standing at the kitchen sink looking out at the resort and I saw something move on the lake. I quickly put my coat on, grabbed the camera and went to check it out. Of course when the creature saw me he stopped coming in my direction, but I got close enough to get this picture. It is probably the same muskrat that lives on our boat lifts in the summer. It was a beautiful day at the lake and I guesss he just needed to get out for some exercise!


Muskrat out visiting

Maybe he was going out to visit with the fishermen in their house!


The frosty window

I don’t know why it happens, but sometimes frost on the window is so pretty you don’t even care that it happens! The east window in our diningroom gets frosty every now and then in the winter. It gives me something new to look at while I’m working on reservations for the coming vacation season.

window frost

Beautiful frost on our dining room window

frost on window

Frost on our dining room window

It’s a new day and the weatherman says it is going to get extremely cold in the next few days. Everyone bundle up, take extra vitamin C, get plenty of rest and work on your summer vacation plans!