Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort The Sunset 1-24-13

Today was really cloudy at the resort and we didn’t think there was any chance of getting a sunset picture. At the last minute we looked out and there was a break in the clouds at the horizon on the west side of Lake Florida. It was small, but beautiful. We have a little village […]

Fishermen in Sunset 2-2-12

What a difference a day makes when it comes to a sunset. We got these pictures right before the fog started setting in – Fog in February? Isn’t it strange! A high of 47 degrees today – did I say it’s February in Minnesota?! One minute later the color had changed to this:

Sunday Sunset at Dickerson’s Resort

What a beautiful day we had again today! The wind was a little raw this morning, but even that got better as the temperature climbed. In the afternoon Bob’s cousin’s son and his 2 little boys came out to ice fish. I think the little boys had a better time going to visit great great […]

Sunset at Dickerson’s Resort 8-6-2011

  Another night with a beautiful sunset at Dickerson’s Resort on Lake Florida. The guests have all checked in and are busy fishing and getting settled. Perfect end to a busy day.      

Fishing Fun at Dickerson’s Resort

  Today was a great day for the younger children to catch fish. Calvin caught some nice sunnies.   Eva, who came all the way from Oklahoma to stay at Dickerson’s Resort had a good time fishing off of the dock with her family also. She caught some nice sunnies too. The size doesn’t really […]

July 24th Sunset at Dickersons

The sun is going down noticeably earlier every night. On July 24th at the beginning of the sunset, 9 Canada Geese swam in front of the resort for all to see. The babies are almost full grown. It’s hard to tell the parents from the kids!   Elli decided it was time to go fishing. […]

The fishing was GREAT!

                      The week of July 16th was an incredibly hot and humid week – but the fishing was great! Here are just a few of the fish that were caught by the guests at Dickerson’s Resort. Some were caught while in a boat, but many […]

Friends are the best!

There are so many fun things about vacation at Dickerson’s Resort in Minnesota. There are the kayaks, the paddle boat, canoe, fun bugs, hydro bikes, bicycles, tricycles and wagons. The campfires are fun and so is fishing! The most fun is meeting new friends or joining up with friends you met last year! Sometimes it […]

Fishing at Lake Florida

It has been a great week of weather and fishing at Lake Florida! Temperatures have been in the 80’s all week and the fish have almost been attaching themselves to the hooks!  🙂   Zach just absolutely LOVES to fish. He has spent many hours standing at the end of the docks casting and casting […]

Julia catches a Largemouth Bass

This is Julia. You met her and her sister Jessica  in a different blog about our guests. Julia loves to fish. On Sunday night she decided it was “her time”, took her pole and went to cast off the dock. Minutes later, she had this beautiful Largemouth Bass. We quickly took pictures and she released […]