The Lake Florida sunset 4-23-12

  The sunset at Lake Florida on the 23rd was like 4 different sunsets in 1 and seemed to go on forever! We think that was absolutely beautiful and hope you do too!    

Lake Florida Sunset 2-19-12

Sunday was a gorgeous day with the temperature hitting 42 degrees. It’s hard to believe it is February in Minnesota! The weatherman does say snow is on the way-get ready! In the afternoon I went to the cabins to get measurements and ideas for curtains and blinds for the new windows. Simon & Sasha love […]

Sunset on 1-28-12 at Dickerson’s Lake Florida Resort

We’ve had way too many days with the clouds covering the sun as it was going down. On the 28th we finally got the chance to snap a couple of pictures. I waited as the sun came down and out from under the clouds hoping the clouds wouldn’t close in! 6 minutes later the sun […]

Sunset at Dickerson’s Resort 8-6-2011

  Another night with a beautiful sunset at Dickerson’s Resort on Lake Florida. The guests have all checked in and are busy fishing and getting settled. Perfect end to a busy day.      

Sunset at Dickerson’s Resort 7-29-11

  Friday, July 29th was another night for a spectacular sunset at Dickerson’s Resort. We are so very lucky to live on the east side of the lake!

Monday at Dickerson’s Resort

  What a great day yesterday was at the resort. Little did we know that the dock crew from 4 Seasons Lawn and Beach would show up. We have been patiently waiting. The weather has not been helpful to them either. In addition to all of the cold, rainy, windy weather we have been having, […]