Lake Florida Sunset 2-19-12

Sunday was a gorgeous day with the temperature hitting 42 degrees. It’s hard to believe it is February in Minnesota! The weatherman does say snow is on the way-get ready!

In the afternoon I went to the cabins to get measurements and ideas for curtains and blinds for the new windows. Simon & Sasha love to watch out the dining room window. Here they are waiting for me to come back from the cabins.

Cats watching

Simon & Sasha watching and waiting for me

Of course at the end of the day we had a beautiful sunset!

Sunset at cabin #7

Sunset with the jungle gym by cabin #7


Lake Florida Sunset at 5:42

I thought I was finished taking pictures, but as I walked back to the house and looked through the cabins to the lake I could see that the sky was changing. This picture is taken in front of cabin #6.


Sunset at 5:52

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