Friends are the best!

There are so many fun things about vacation at Dickerson’s Resort in Minnesota. There are the kayaks, the paddle boat, canoe, fun bugs, hydro bikes, bicycles, tricycles and wagons. The campfires are fun and so is fishing!

Friends Michel & Zach

Zach gives friend Michael a ride

The most fun is meeting new friends or joining up with friends you met last year! Sometimes it takes a couple of  days to connect. Michael and Zach met at Dickerson’s this summer and had a great time. It’s good to have a buddy to take you on a tricycle ride!

Zach was also an avid fisherman. He fished and fished on all of the docks. When he and his dad caught this beautiful northern, Michael asked “What are you going to name him?” Kids say the cutest things!

Zach, dad & northern

Zach, dad & nice northern