Dickerson Donuts for a good cause

During the resort off season we like to be involved with things going on in the community. March is Minnesota Food Share month. The Willmar Area Food Shelf in conjunction with the local radio stations had an “I CAN” challenge. I can make donuts for anyone who contributes to the Willmar Area Food Shelf. The […]

Your cabin at Dickerson’s Resort

It’s January, the beach and resort are closed and the cold weather and wind are here with a vengeance! Thankfully, we have many great pictures and warm memories to help us through these cold days. Warm, sunny days are just around a few corners! In a few short months we will have beautiful sunsets with […]

Welcome Spring to Lake Florida!

Today was a beautiful, sunny day at Lake Florida and we decided it was time to break out a spring flag at the resort. Whenever there is a project, Simon is right there to help and take part. Let’s hope the snow realizes we are tied of it and melts!

Signs of summer

There are many ways  it starts to look and feel like the vacation season is around the corner. The days are getting longer, the temperatures are warmer and play equipment starts arriving at the resort! Today we brought the hydro bikes home from storage. Summer can’t be far away now! The hydro bikes will be […]

Boat races on Lake Florida

4-17-13 It has been a truly long winter at the resort and in all of Minnesota. Today we had a glimmer of hope as there was about 6 feet of open water at the edge of the beach of Lake Florida! We decided it was time for boat races! Bob got a yellow and an […]

Fun in the sun & a nice surprise!

  Saturday, March 16th was a beautiful, sunny day at the resort. Sasha and Simon had a great time playing in the snow. Simon and this squirrel went around and around the Maple Tree with Simon trying to catch the squirrel.             We spent the day working around the resort […]

Snow vs. water

It’s another day of creativity at the resort. I got the idea to pack a 5 gallon pail full of snow and have our fans on Facebook guess how much water would be in the bucket when the snow melted. We got many people to guess-anywhere from 1/2 inch up to 7 inches. I brought […]

A little Dickerson’s winter humor.

Maybe winter is getting too long or maybe I’ve spent too much time trying to think of creative ideas for Facebook. One day as I was in the resort store riding my bike I looked out and thought, “we should do something with the canoe!” ‘Something’ would not be easy as the canoe is on […]

A fun winter activity

It’s not all work and no play at the resort. In the winter, I am part of the quilting group at our church which meets every Thursday afternoon. We make quilts to give to all of the graduating seniors, guilts for hospice, fire victims, the womens shelter and many go to the poor and starving […]

Valentines Dinner in cabin #12

The Wine We invited all of our neighbors on the east side of Lake Florida and a couple of other friends to a Valentines Dinner. We told the guests we would make a big pot of chile and drink lots of wine. It was time to check the wine supply. As you can see below, […]