A little Dickerson’s winter humor.

Maybe winter is getting too long or maybe I’ve spent too much time trying to think of creative ideas for Facebook. One day as I was in the resort store riding my bike I looked out and thought, “we should do something with the canoe!” ‘Something’ would not be easy as the canoe is on top of the pontoon lift and there is 3 feet of snow to go through to get to it. However, when I get an idea, not much can stop me. I was prepared for the project to take 3 or 4 days. Bob quickly jumped on board and before we knew it we had the canoe down and out on Lake Florida! We grabbed the camera and some props and came up with this picture.


Celebrating winter with wine & canoe

We hope this gives you a chuckle and gives you hope that winter will end soon. It will be fun for everyone to get out on the lake to fish and enjoy all of the fun toys we have at the resort.