Family fun and great food

On Friday, January 4th we had a Family fun Night and Potluck at our church,

Calvary Lutheran in Willmar.

As you can see, non of us went home hungry!

food at the potluck

Look at all of the great food we had!

The food, fun & games were for people of all ages. We mostly had families with young children and boy did they have fun. It’s amazing how much energy little children have and how they can run and run and run!

doing crafts

Doing crafts with mom & dad

There were many crafty things to do also. Coloring, pasting, drawing and

playing with toys were all part of the fun.

Bob Dickerson playing with a child

Bob playing with little Oliver

Sarah brought the directions and supplies for making an “indoor snowman”. The children really enjoyed it. You really need tape to keep the whole project together!

using tape

It's all about the tape when you make an indoor snowman

indoor snowman

An "indoor snowman" made by a group at Calvary

Here are some of the group with the finished snowman. What a great project that anyone can help with.


The Green Lake Lutheran Ministries is celebrating their 75th anniversary this year. In honor of the celebration, they have started Flat Eli going around the area, state and quite possibly the WORLD! We took Flat Eli with us to family fun night.

Connie Dickerson with Flat Eli

Flat Eli came to Calvary Lutheran Church with us

It was a great night of food, fun & fellowship. We hope you can join us next time!