A Great Day away

April 11th was a very fun day.We started the day by meeting friends & resort guests, Wayne & Bonnie at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater.


Cover of the Hairspray Program

What a fun musical and the company couldn’t have been better! If you haven’t been to the Chanhassen for this show, get your tickets!

friends at Chanhassen

Wayne, Bonnie, Connie & Bob at the Chanhassen

On the way to the Chanhassen I had seen a sign for 50 cent coffee in Silver Lake. On the way home we needed a cup so stopped. Bob said, “oh look, they have ice cream. My 50 cent cup of coffee turned into $5.64! 🙂 The ice cream was delicious!

Our next stop on  highway #7, was at The Crow River Winery. What a beautiful, new facility. They are adding on and will be able to host 400 people for your next party!

Our next stop was Litchfield. We went to the address of my nieces new home, but no one was there – next stop the hospital. Andrea gave birth to a little girl named Emma on Monday night. She was still in the hospital and Chris and big brother Austin were there visiting them.

mother & baby

Andrea Lucas and baby Emma Rose Lucas

couple with baby

Connie, Emma Rose & Bob

After visiting it is time to head back to Spicer and the resort. It’s about time for the sun to set.


Lake Florida sunset at 7:54


Lake Florida sunset at 8:01


Lake Florida sunset at 8:02

What a great day. One of the last we will have away from the resort before the season starts. We’ll have to work twice as hard tomorrow!