Cabin #9 wall-blue or green?

There is a big decision to be made in cabin #9. There is a small wall in the livingroom that needs an accent color. I’m thinking blue or green. Blue is said to have a calming effect. Today we are trying out blue like the water of Lake Florida. Maybe tomorrow I will try painting […]

A little paint for cabin #9

Today was the day to do a little painting in cabin #9. I painted around all of the doors and windows to make it easier after the doors are put in and the casings on-I hope!

Lake Florida sunset March 7

There were just enough clouds on March 7th to give us a spectacular sunset at Lake Florida. Sunsets like this with yellows, oranges and pink all melded together remind me of rainbow sherbet. If you use your imagination, you can see the ripples in the water 🙂 Bring your family to stay with us and […]

More snow drifts at the resort

We had a dusting of snow again at the resort and then the wind blew, and blew and blew!! The drifts around the cabins are even higher than before and have some interesting designs. This cabin was blasted by snow and appears to be “dripping snow ice!”  The curl kind of looks like the top […]

Connie vs. the carpenters at Dickerson’s Resort!

We all have jobs to do at the resort this winter. The carpenters, Travis & Brian need to get the cabin built, Bob plays gopher and Connie needs to decorate. I told Travis & Brian  they needed to hurry because I was almost finished with the wall hanging for above the fireplace. When they came […]

A new lake, a new family for cabin #9

Cabin #9 was set on it’s new foundation today! Watch as it goes from the beams… … to the new foundation The cabin is replacing a 1970’s class C motor home (seen in the background). Thanks to Darrin for sending the pictures and to Marcus Building Movers for a job well done moving the cabin! […]

On the Road with cabin #9

Thursday February 13, 2014 Thursday the weather was horrible and the cabin move was put on hold. We received about 1/2 inch of snow and winds up to 50 mph. Not a good day for pulling a cabin down the road! Friday morning Today is a beautiful day and Marcus’s will move the cabin to […]

Taping cabin #9

Thursday morning Bob Kerzman started taping cabin #9. Bob has done all of our taping in each of our new cabins. It is always fun to get reacquainted with him. This is a slow process that will take many days. Taping, putting the mud on and sanding over and over. When Bob finishes taping he […]

Cabin #9 sheetrock and taping

Today is the day the guys need to finish hanging the sheetrock in cabin #9. Tomorrow, Bob Kerzman will be coming to start taping. The kitchen is the last room to do. Justin is here to help today too. Travis goes upstairs to do something while Brian & Justin finish the kitchen.      

Another beautiful Lake Florida sunset

Just one picture of the sunset tonight, but isn’t it pretty? Click on the photo to see other beautiful sunset pictures from the resort!