On the Road with cabin #9

Thursday February 13, 2014

Thursday the weather was horrible and the cabin move was put on hold. We received about 1/2 inch of snow and winds up to 50 mph. Not a good day for pulling a cabin down the road!

Friday morning

Today is a beautiful day and Marcus’s will move the cabin to it’s new home.

The trip started about 9:20 in the morning.


The beginning of the journey


Cabin turning the corner

The cabin turning the corner at county highways #29 and and #5.

They will follow highway #5 to the town of Brooten.

The cabin is going 130 miles near Backus, Minnesota.


On the road


It’s a long trip


Coming in the driveway

It’s a tight fit between the trees!


Close corners


Cabin foundation in sight


At the foundation

The cabin arrived at its new home about 5:00 on Friday afternoon.

We hope cabin #9 loves it’s new home and it’s new family! 🙂