Cabin #5 is finished at Dickerson’s Resort

The NEW Cabin #5

Building something new is a lot of work and always takes more time than we allow.We’re skipping many of the work pictures of the building of cabin #5, but wanted to show the finished product which we’re pretty thrilled with! It is a great addition to the resort and we hope all of the guests love it for many years!

cabin #5

Cabin #5 with deck on the lake side facing west to watch the sunset, activity and Lake Florida!

cabin 5 kitchen

The new kitchen is a welcome addition to the new cabin. In the old cabin #5 there was a very small window over the kitchen sink which faced the playground area. Now the window looks out at Lake Florida! 🙂

Cabin #5

cabin 5 livingroom

Cabin living room with gas fireplace.

cabin 5 bathroom

cabin 5

master bedroom

Master bedroom on the main floor of the cabin with a queen bed.

double bedroom

Double bedroom on the main floor

loft bedroom

There are 2 double beds in the loft bedroom. Technically the cabin can sleep 8 people, but we recommend only 4-6. The kitchen and living area were only built for a smaller number of guests and there is only 1 bathroom.

Our first guests were Bob and Mary and family. Bob, Mary and Michael were the first to arrive.cabin guests

They have been staying with us at Dickerson’s Resort since 1998. They started in cabin #9 and have been in the old cabin #5, cabin 6 and #11. Now they are back to the new cabin #5. 

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We’d love to have you as our guests at Lake Florida. We open from early May through early October.