Projects & fun at the resort

washing skylight

Washing cabin #6 skylight

view from cabin #5 roof

view from cabin #5 roof

View from roof

View of Lake Florida from cabin #5 roof

dinner with friends

Dinner with Roger & Judy


Today was the day to wash the skylight in cabin #6. These is easily done by using  a ladder to get on the roof of cabin #5 and then stretching to step up to the roof of cabin #6. It’s much more fun and exciting than it looks! 🙂


This is the view of Lake Florida from the roof of cabin #5. While we were up there we noticed a repair that needed to be made so got that done too.


That evening we were invited for dinner at cabin #1 with Roger and Judy. It was delicious and as always they were even more generous and sent the leftovers home with us. Always an enjoyable time with them.