If Connie makes Dickerson’s Donuts, will you come?


The snow made for a short week last week, but now it’s Monday morning and time to get back to building the cabin. One of the projects for today is setting the rafters. The first one went up at 8:30. The job would have been easier if the weren’t electrical line in the way, but of course we also need electricity to build the cabin!rafter 004 005 006 008 010The guys have been working on the cabin for 3 weeks and this is the first time we are having donuts. Bob talked to Justin last night and told him if he showed up we would have donuts. They needed a 4th guy to set the rafters today, but we’re pretty sure the donuts are why Justin showed up! 🙂 He said they taste just like he remembered.

011Nathan, Travis, Justin and Keith taking a donut break. If you think they ate all of them, you’re correct!

013The last rafter went up at 10:00. Good work guys!015They can’t stop working – Todd  just brought them more lumber! Poor Todd missed donuts! 🙁018    Nathan putting the sheeting on the east side of the cabin.